Promoting Social and Economic Equity in SW

Promoting Social and Economic Equity in the Sw Waterfront Community

This document is a list of visions, ideas, and policies that will advance equity in four areas:

  • Housing

  • History and culture

  • Sustainability and climate resiliency

  • Community development.

The coalition that put together the document includes educators, lawyers, students, environmentalists, retirees, persons with disabilities, and parents. All residents of SW.

You can download the document here: Download PDF

If this is something you want to see implemented, it's essential that you sign on in support below so we can show policy makers and elected officials that these ideas resonate with the people. ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏼

CA 6:4:20 - Budget

working with CM Allen

One of our members submitted a question via video to Councilmember Charles Allen during his June 4th, 2020 Ward 6 Virtual Budget Town Hall. The question asked the Councilmember if he would work with the group to implement the ideas and policy recommendations we came up with to help SW be the "exemplary model of equity and inclusion" we want it to be.

Update: We met with CM Allen on September 17, 2020 as a follow-up. You can check out the presentation here.