How To Be An Anti-racist

How to be an anti-racist

As a group, we strive to be anti-racist. In pursuit of this goal, in February 2020, members of the group started a book discussion on Dr. Ibram X. Kendi's book, How To Be An Antiracist.

One of the members of the group took notes on sections from the book he thought were pertinent, which you can review here. You can download the official book discussion guide here.

Below, you will find some excerpts from the book we use for guidance:

  • “'Racist' and 'antiracist' are like peelable name tags that are placed and replaced based on what someone is doing or not doing, supporting or expressing in each moment. These are not permanent tattoos. No one becomes a racist or antiracist. We can only strive to be one or the other. We can unknowingly strive to be a racist. We can knowingly strive to be an antiracist. Like fighting an addiction, being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination."

  • "A racist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial inequity between racial groups. An antiracist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial equity between racial groups. By policy, I mean written and unwritten laws, rules, procedures, processes, regulations, and guidelines that govern people."

  • "Every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity between racial groups."

  • "A racist is someone who is supporting a racist policy by their actions or inaction or expressing a racist idea. An antiracist is someone who is supporting an antiracist policy by their actions or expressing an antiracist idea."