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Get To Know SW Action!

October 11, 2021

Don't know much about SW Action? Check out this document to learn about what we've been doing since forming in December 2019 and where we hope to go in the future. If you care about racial justice and environmental sustainability, get in touch!

Letter To Councilmembers on Redistricting

September 21, 2021

Members of SW Action wrote a letter to the sub-committee on redistricting detailing their concerns about the redistricting process and requesting that the committee focus on making sure racial equity, among other topics, is central to the process. The chairperson of the committee, Councilmember Silverman, reached out and would like to arrange a meeting with the group. You can read the letter here.

2021 Community Survey Results

September 13, 2021

The community development working group was interested in learning from residents what types of businesses and community organizations they'd like to see in our neighborhood, so they conducted a survey. The group's plan is to use the survey results to inform our outreach to elected officials. You can browse through the results of the survey here.

OP-ED: Auditor's report reveals DCHA continues to neglect lead issues

September 13, 2021

Members of SW Action wrote an op-ed in The Southwester newspaper about the DC Auditor's report detailing a failure to address lead in Greenleaf housing. To read the story, click here.

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Community Forum on SW CLT Effort

August 12, 2021

On August 12th, Coy McKinney and Vaughn Perry, presented to a hybrid crowd of people in-person and on Zoom about Community Land Trusts and about the effort to establish one in Southwest. A reporter from the DC Line and Street Sense, attended and wrote an article on the effort. Although it is not a complete recording, you can watch about 25 minutes of the presentation here.

Community Forum on SW CLT Effort

July 26, 2021

Back in April, we launched a petition to expand the Douglass Community Land Trust into the Southwest neighborhood. The petition calls for the government-owned property at 1101 Half St., SW, the current site of the fire engine repair shop, to be transferred to the Douglass CLT, which will establish a SW chapter to oversee the property.

Since April, over 200 residents have signed on in support. ANC 6D has expressed interest in pursuing the plan further, and Ward 6 Councilmember, Charles Allen, wrote a letter to the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Economic Development, John Falcicchio, asking him to explore the CLT concept for the site.

As part of our outreach efforts, Westminster Presbyterian Church has offered to host a forum and discussion on CLTs, specifically to address the petition.

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CM Charles Allen Supports CLT Petition

June 3, 2021

On June 3rd, Ward 6 Councilmember, Charles Allen, wrote a letter to the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development asking that a Community Land Trust model be used for the site. Predicting development timelines is notoriously tricky, but CM Allen believes that in about 4 years, the site will be ready for redevelopment. During that time, SW Action will continue to do outreach and come up with a plan that will serve the Southwest community. You can read more about the model and petition here.

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SW Mutual Aid Clothes Give-away

April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 24th from 12-3 PM, SW Action supported the Ward 6 Mutual Aid's Clothing Giveaway at King Greenleaf Recreation Center. In addition to 100 meals donated from World Central Kitchen via Rasa, the special event included a 'treasure' table next to SW Mutual Aid's clothing tables where SW community members took clothes, shoes, jewelry, spa items, and any other miscellaneous treasures that caught their eye! We also shared information about SW Action, the CLT petition, and encouraged those that dropped by to fill out our community development survey.

DC Line: The Problem With Community Benefit Agreements

April 14, 2021

SW Action member, Pamela McKinney, wrote an opinion piece for the DC Line highlighting the conflict of interest in the Jemal Cotton Annex project and the problem with community benefit agreements in general. You can read it here.

Expanding the Douglass Community Land Trust Into Southwest

April 10, 2021

SW Action is launching a petition to expand the Douglass Community Land Trust (DCLT) into Southwest at the current fire truck repair station, which will be relocated in the future. SW Action wants to start a SW chapter of the DCLT to guide how the land will be developed. To learn more about CLTs, how they have been proven to create long-term affordable housing, affordable retail space, visit this page.